Matcha Slim
Method of use: Mix 2 teaspoons with a glass (250 ml) of water until complete dissolution. Recommended dosage: 1 portion a day regardless of meals.

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Matcha Slim is an original product with a cumulative effect. The composition includes natural ingredients that do not have side effects on the body. The result is guaranteed by the manufacturer and lasts for a long time only after completing the course.Leading experts in the field of weight loss took the extract of matches as a basis and developed an innovative product - Matcha Slim! 

Thanks to the gradual effect of Matcha Slim, a steady weight loss is ensured, the body is cleansed of toxins, toxins and free radicals, the metabolism is restored and fat deposits are broken down, as well as the skin is tightened and the overall well-being improves. In addition, Matcha Slim relieves fatigue and improves vitality! The composition is selected in such a way that in symbiosis the components reinforce each other's action, this guarantees the achievement of the result and its consolidation in the future. 

The main active ingredient - matcha tea leaf extract - contains a large amount of antioxidants, due to which it removes toxins from the body, starts the process of fat burning, reduces appetite and cravings for sweets, strengthens the immune system and normalizes blood sugar levels. 
- Maltodextrin - helps to accelerate metabolism, reduce excess weight and recover quickly after exercise, also helps maintain anaerobic energy during exercise, reduces fatigue and increases performance;
- Citric acid - citric acid extract accelerates metabolic processes in the body, normalizes bowel function and removes excess fluid and toxins from the body;
- Spirulina extract - accelerates the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates, thereby starting the process of fat burning and has a powerful tonic effect;
- Fortified extract from Marshmallow root extract has anti-inflammatory and tonic effects, restores the body at the cellular level, strengthens the nervous system and enhances immunity. 
- Grapefruit seed extract is a powerful fat burner that improves metabolism, removes radicals and normalizes eating behavior. 
- Coleus leaf extract - improves intestinal motility, reduces appetite, relieves fatigue and increases efficiency. Vitamin complex - replenishes the lack of micro and macro elements, accelerates the process of losing weight.

The complex effect leads to weight loss even while maintaining a normal lifestyle.

The form of release in a powder allows you to achieve the desired result faster, due to the fact that the product is better absorbed.


Method of use:

  • Mix 2 teaspoons with a glass (250 ml) of water until complete dissolution.
  • Recommended dosage: 1 portion a day regardless of meals.

With the course use of Matcha Slim:
- speeds up metabolism, removes toxins and free radicals from the body, improves bowel function, therefore, restores and accelerates metabolism;
- increases daytime activity and normalizes sleep, as well as restores the functioning of the immune and nervous systems, due to which the body can more easily tolerate stress;
- promotes the breakdown of fatty deposits in problem areas and blocks weight gain;
- normalizes blood sugar and cholesterol levels;
- the body is cleansed of toxins and toxins, which has a positive effect on the condition of the skin: first of all, cellulite and inflammation on the skin (acne, acne, etc.) disappear, hair and nails grow stronger and healthier.
- saturates the body with the necessary vitamins and macro and micro elements.

Matcha Slim has a calming effect, normalizes appetite, regulates hormonal disruptions and speeds up metabolism. This means that you will lose weight quickly, effectively without re-gaining excess weight. To achieve the desired result, it is important to complete the full course!

Volume: 100 grams in one package.

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